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Proposed legislation would fund small-home nursing care

The federal IMPROVE Nursing Homes Act (H.R. 8677) would address the nation’s institution-based nursing home infrastructure by bringing small-home care to 250,000 more Americans by 2030.

The bill would create a federal grant program to fund the development of small-home nursing communities with private rooms and bathrooms, easily accessible outdoor space, and elder-directed programming. This kind of care is well aligned with the Green House model of care that we are in the process of building on our Vernon campus.

This proposed grant program would provide congressional oversight to ensure that operators use the grant funding for its intended purposes of small-home development and elder-directed care.

Care based on the Green House model features small homes of no more than 12 residents, is more elder-directed than traditional nursing facilities, and provides a relationship-based environment of elders and caregivers. The resulting true-home facility provides a superior quality of life and practical benefits such as better infection control.

Executive Director Brad Ellis said, “I am very glad to see that Congress is considering lending its help to rework our country’s nursing care sector. We are happy once again to be ahead of the curve in pursuing our vision of care that is more personal and that offers a real-home option for people.”

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Jan 19

Are they built yet?

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