Independence. Meaning. Purpose.

Elders will enjoy not only the benefits of home and a family community, but
improved care outcomes as well. Green House homes have proven track records of clinical gains and staff stability

Families desire care for loved ones close to home. Choices available to fulfill this desire are limited. The institutional nursing home model is not helping the matter nationally. In fact, the current model is resulting in the functional decline of many nursing homes. Vernon Green’s care model and facilities are also in need of major renewal.


A Green House model will not only restore the blessings of home to elders needing care, but will renew Vernon Green’s facilities, deepen its appeal to those looking to receive and provide that care, and continue its legacy of innovation in the region.


This is home, with the interactive, relational environment of home. It will enable our residents to get needed care, socialize, develop deep relationships with caregivers, and live more in line with their own personal preferences and daily routines while pursuing their interests and passions. Living with meaning is what matters most.  


Individualized care

with 45% more direct

caregiver hours

49% more nurses

57% more

nursing assistants

Higher resident satisfaction

Re-hospitalization rate

<1% vs. 12%

Anti-psychotic drug need

down 50% vs. 10 %

Chronic pain

1% vs. 32%

16% less staff turnover

80% reduction

in elder falls

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